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What are the adhesive materials suitable for glue spraying m

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We all know that automatic glue sprayer is a kind of high-grade automatic technology equipment. Can It's used in many fields, so many manufacturers can't do without it. They always have several sets, which can help us to complete tasks faster, enhance work efficiency and reduce the cost of processing and manufacturing industry. However, many people don't know what kind of glue is suitable for spraying, even if it's not suitable for their own goods. Let me introduce the automatic glue sprayer to you What's the glue.
Large automatic glue sprayer
Silica gel: among a variety of spray applicable rubber materials, silica gel can establish tough solid according to the form of moisture dry solid, with very good weather resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance, and the working temperature is from - 24 ℃ to 315 ℃. It can be used in microelectronics technology, mobile phone protection case, mobile phone ornament, mobile phone base, anti-static wrist strap, anti-static wrist band, TV case, etc
High viscosity adhesive silica gel
Hot melt adhesive: it is a kind of thermoplastic raw material. After melting in the sizing equipment, it can wet the surface layer of the board, and dry solidify and establish the bond after cooling. This kind of adhesive is not a real structural adhesive, but it can be applied to many aspects of the board
High temperature melting hot melt block
Epoxy glue: it is heated and dried at room temperature. Its function is to have a very high viscosity, which occasionally exceeds the strength of the plate itself. These glue are very hard and have chemical resistance and weather resistance. Therefore, it can be conceived as heat-conducting and conductive epoxy glue.
Epoxy resin filling and coating
The automatic glue sprayer can be used for instant dry glue. Instant dry glue is suitable for production in various modern assembly lines. This special glue sprayer can be used for quick adhesion at room temperature. We can use it at the stage of high usage of shoes. Because shoes must have a strong degree of adhesion, so that we can ensure that the products with high adhesion are hard to glue, It can also achieve a very high bonding effect on the metal surface.

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