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Bearing lubrication point oil can be used desktop gluer

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Bearing lubrication and oil dispensing is not a difficult thing, mainly to meet the bearing circular dispensing and prevent oil leakage, basically to meet the requirements of the point bearing, we recommend a dispensing machine that meets the production needs, called Desktop glue dispensing machine, can achieve the requirements of circular dispensing, and the use of compound dispensing valve as a control glue valve, more in line with the bearing dispensing needs. Ask.
Bearing dispensing requirements are not high
 滚珠轴承润滑 Bearing lubrication is not a difficult thing, because the demand of dispensing area and accuracy is not high, so ordinary desktop glue dispensing machine and dispensing valve can meet the demand of production. We adopt constant control system, which can more steadily meet the demand of bearing lubrication. Different dispensing effects will appear with different core technologies, such as visual dispensing machine dispensing, mining. With more advanced machines, production will have better results.
Composite dispensing can meet the requirements
Duplex dispensing valve and desktop glue dispensing machine are relatively common machines, which can meet the production industry is not many, but bearing lubrication and oil dispensing can meet the production needs, because desktop glue dispensing machine has a circular dispensing effect, can meet the production requirements, so it does not need to use visual dispensing machine, and desktop glue dispensing machine price is not very expensive, generally more than 8,000. It can also buy one.
桌面式三轴点胶机 The dispensing requirement can be met at one time.
Bearing lubrication point oil no longer need manual slow dispensing, desktop glue dispensing machine can complete the task of dispensing at one time, the speed has reached 100 mm/min, fast speed, good quality of dispensing, can meet the industry standards for dispensing speed, oh, and is able to use multiple machines for production, so it can also increase the production speed of products, we can produce automatic points for our own production. Rubber valves are still very confident, only the operation is normal, there will be no leakage problem, and one thing to note is that if the use time is too long, you need to replace consumables, such as: sealing rings, so as to ensure that the sealability will not decline.
复动点胶阀 Desktop glue dispenser is different from visual dispensing machine. The latter has high price and good dispensing precision, but bearing lubrication does not require high precision, so it does not need to buy visual dispensing machine. It is directly applicable to the combination of desk glue dispenser and compound dispensing valve, so as to meet the production needs. If you are interested in bearing dispensing oil lubrication, you can dial the telephone service hotline 139284003389.

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