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PVC color filling recommended the use of precision dispensin

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PVC is soft and hard. Soft PVC is easy to be crisp and hard to preserve. Usually, there are many restrictions on its use. Hard PVC is usually hard PVC. Hard PVC is non-toxic, non-brittle and durable. It is usually processed into many products, such as various kinds of packaging materials and common ones on the market. Ornaments, toys, doors and windows, and some plastic pipes are usually made of PVC. Some decorations, toys and so on, we call it PVC filling, now some ordinary decorations, toys and so on, are relatively high-end, export, workmanship requirements will be more stringent, PVC filling above, we have to do very fine, we can choose precision dispensing machine.
PVC商标 Previous PVC filling may be directly used in manual filling, or manual dispensing machine filling, for some of the previous ordinary toys, simple workmanship, requirements may not be high, manual dispensing machine can meet; but today's era is different, toys to make a very high-end, there are toys have been intelligent, The design of some export toys will be more precise. General dispensing machines can not meet their requirements. When filling these PVC colors, we can choose precise dispensing machines.
商标点胶 When filling PVC, I will recommend the use of precision dispensing machine, the effect is very good. Precision dispensing machine has a wide range of applications, and can use a wide range of glue, such as our common AB glue, epoxy glue, lubricating esters, a variety of bonding solvents, paints, pigments and so on. These are very suitable for precision dispensing machine. The minimum vomiting volume of precision dispensing machine can reach 0.01 ml, frequency can be acceptable. Up to 600 times per minute, not only can achieve high speed, but also can achieve a precise gluing effect.
点胶 Precision dispensing machine can be applied in many fields: Precision dispensing machine can not only be used for filling PVC, but also in many other fields, such as LED lamps, electronic components, mechanical and chemical industry, and in recent years, digital products will also be used in precision dispensing machine.

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