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Mobile phone dispensing scheme using hot melt dispensing mac

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In addition to dispensing accuracy and glue to meet the requirements, the production speed can not be too low. Generally, mobile phone production is pipelined, making very fast, there is a requirement for machine selection. We configure a high-speed automatic dispensing machine with a thermosol dispensing valve to coat hot melt in the mobile phone industry.
Mobile phone dispensing
The high-speed automatic dispensing machine is equipped with hot melt dispensing valve, that is, the dual-station hot melt dispensing machine on the market. Explain why this device can meet the requirements of mobile phone dispensing. By adopting the dual-station manufacturing process, mobile phone dispensing can be carried out in turn. This reduces the time of replacing products and the time of dispensing. It means that the difference of time can be used to improve dispensing speed.
Hot melt adhesive solidifies only when it is cooled
In addition to the accuracy of dispensing, there are also hot melt glue. Generally, the temperature of hot melt glue dispensing is very high. Waiting for cooling, it will be waterproof and adhesive. It just meets the requirements of the mobile phone. Why the mobile phone has waterproof property is closely related to glue bonding. High-speed automatic dispensing machine we are using many top accessories, in order to be able to produce, dispensing accuracy can meet the requirements of mobile phone dispensing.
手动点胶 Manual dispensing
Characteristics of glue
Hot melt glue is a special glue. Before dispensing, it belongs to semi-solid glue with poor fluidity. After heating, the activity of glue will be increased, and the solidification of dispensing will be increased. The effect of dispensing by hot melt dispensing machine with duplex position will be improved greatly, dispensing will be more stable, and the basic dispensing speed of high-speed automatic dispensing machine will also be reached. However, the use of hot melt dispensing valve should pay attention to temperature control.
Duplex Location Rubber Machine
Understanding performance before using
双工位点胶机 Understanding the performance of high-speed automatic dispensing machine and hot melt dispensing valve is the guarantee of the quality of mobile phone dispensing. If the performance of dual-station hot melt dispensing machine is not known, hot melt dispensing of products is too easy to cause dispensing problems, such as machine debugging, without understanding the performance of the machine. Although the dispensing parameters can be adjusted step by step, they will not be adjusted. It is easy to cause problems in hot melt adhesive coating.

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