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Customization of electric AB double-liquid lifting stirring

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Electric stirring dispensing valve last night special dispensing accessories for automatic double-liquid dispensing machine, using two kinds of glue mixed dispensing, very convenient to use with explosion-proof electric box, but also to meet the requirements of some dispensing industry for glue, some single-liquid glue can not meet the requirements of dispensing products, need two kinds of glue mixing, enhance the hardness and activity of dispensing, and so on, this is the electric stirring point. The function of rubber valves.
Electric stirring dispensing valve
电动搅拌点胶阀 Parameters of electric stirring dispensing valve
Model: ZZ-103
双液点胶阀 Working Pressure: 4-7 kg/cm
Minimum output: 0.1mm
Applicable Viscosity: 1-1,000,000 CPS
Main Material: Aluminum Alloy Anode
Weight: 2233.5g
Cylinder: Double-acting Cylinder
Product Form: Resuscitation and Resuscitation
Operating frequency: <600/min
Feeding pressure: 1/8"NPT
Dynamic dispensing valve
Principle of electric stirring dispensing valve
In fact, it is also very simple. In the original dual-liquid dispensing valve, a motor is added, and then the motor stirring position is inserted into the compound cylinder in the electric stirring dispensing valve. When A and B glue enter into the compound cylinder, they start to rotate, so that the mixing degree of a and B glue can be strengthened. Then, the explosion-proof electric box coating is carried out by the automatic double-liquid dispensing machine controlling the electric stirring motor valve. Glue, this is the principle of stirring dispensing valve.
Double liquid dispensing valve
Composition of electric stirring dispensing valve
Usually the dispensing valve is composed of multiple cylinders, axles, fine-tuning knobs, sealing rings, springs, rubber hoops and so on, but the electric stirring dispensing valve still needs some things, that is, the motor, which is the most complete composition, but also the core position of the stirring dispensing valve, why the automatic double-liquid glue filling machine Oh meets the requirements of explosion-proof electric box glue coating 5:1 ratio reason is that Here, the principle of electric stirring dispensing valve is not stirring glue? 5:1 ratio is particularly difficult to mix, so artificial stirring is needed to improve the mixing degree.

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