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Double-liquid dispensing valve for large dispensing machine

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Dual-liquid dispensing valves are widely used in the glue filling industry, which is more in line with the requirements of glue output. Because the dispensing accuracy of dual-liquid dispensing valves is not high, but the glue output is relatively large. Generally, the glue filling industry will choose dual-liquid dispensing valves with dispensing pressure barrels to use together. Rapid adhesive efficiency can speed up the production of products.
Large dispensing machine can also be called double liquid dispensing machine, because it has installed double liquid dispensing valve, so both can be called, for you to introduce the basic parameters of double liquid dispensing valve bar.
Model: ZZ-72ab
Working Pressure: 4-7 kg/cm
Minimum glue yield: 0.1ml
Main Material: Aluminum Alloy Anode
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Weight: 790g
Operational frequency: <600 times/min
Feeding pressure: <10kg
Feed Size: 1/8"NPT
Dispensing valve to meet the dispensing industry
Above are the basic parameters of double-liquid dispensing valve, and there are many application industries, such as: HID stabilizer glue, power adapter glue, power battery glue, automotive parts glue, LED lamp bar glue, etc., which can basically meet the production. There are a lot of dispensing machines that can be configured, such as automatic dispensing machine, high-speed dispensing machine, large dispensing machine, etc., but the use is required. It should be matched with dispensing pressure barrel.
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Reasons for the need to match dispensing pressure barrels
Dual-liquid dispensing valves need a lot of glue for filling in HID stabilizers. They may need several kilograms of glue every day. Dual-liquid dispensing valves can't store so much glue at all. They can only use dispensing pressure barrels. At present, only dispensing syringes can store glue in the whole dispensing industry. General dispensing valves need to use dispensing pressure barrels, such as large dispensing machines using double-liquid dispensing pressure barrels. The glue machine is the same as the HID stabilizer.
At present, glue ratio can be used.
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There are many types of double-liquid dispensing valves, because the use ratio is different, some industry needs to use glue 1:1, a little 2:1, so there will be some differences in the use. At present, we can achieve a glue ratio of 4:1, higher need to use foreign dispensing accessories, such as large dispensing machine in the HID stabilizer, the use of glue ratio is 2:1.
If you need double liquid dispensing valves, large dispensing machines, dispensing pressure barrels, you can find our manufacturer of medium-sized automation equipment, or you can call the hotline to find out first. Our hotline number is 139284403389.

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