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Calibration module of an operating high speed dispensing rob

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There are two kinds of module is called automatic identification module and game module, automatic identification module used in high speed dispensing machine use, use module with scanning function, equivalent to using visual positioning system technology, can to the dot detection function, can be used in a computer system for dispensing control convenient high-speed dispensing machine, module the application in the dispensing industry gradually.
CCD dispensing camera
Automatic recognition module is divided into backlight module, LED module, LCD module, using the method of each module are not the same, the application of industry is different, so the high speed dispensing machine capable of using more extensive scope, as long as the replacement module can be used in other dispensing industry, and this change as long as the replacement program can be in the computer, the operation is simple.
Floor operated high speed dispensing robot
High speed dispensing robot using the module in addition to automatic recognition of dispensing, but also on the dispensing needle calibration, dispensing machine is now automated production, appears in the work process of dispensing how staff sometimes no fault is present, these will affect the production efficiency of the enterprise, if the dispensing machine does not automatically stop mode, has been in continuous production appear to have is a bad product, on the back of relatively large losses of enterprises.
After using the automatic recognition module can present problems in high speed dispensing machine, because with automatic recognition function can be repositioned to the dot, so you can re adjust the glue dispensing needle, which can be re dispensing for the finished products, will not produce bad products.
Visual high speed dispensing robot
The module can be used in small and medium-sized high-speed dispenser, and the visual positioning system is generally used for large high-speed dispenser, so the application of the module is also improve the quality of dispensing.

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