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Selection of glue barrel for high speed glue dispensing mach

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High speed dispensing machine need to use rubber fiber is special, because the amount of glue dispensing needs more fiber, rubber tube generally cannot store required rubber content, and fiber dispensing is generally used in large high speed dispensing machine, so the best choice for high speed optical fiber dispenser dispensing needle big.
Storage cartridge for high speed dispenser
The large cylinder adopts rotational type made of rubber, formed by PVC made of translucent, and with external luster and good color, can according to the nature of the rubber glue made of different colors, because the surface is smooth, so in high speed dispensing machine has better compatibility, anti fouling with a long time, in a humid environment will not appear algae pollution, the cleaning work is simple and easy to use, safe and convenient maintenance and low demand.
Multi axis hot melt adhesive dispenser
Large needle PVC material to build the capacity of loading in addition to glue more than cleaning work is also very simple, clean out the residual glue within the cylinder, can be placed in alcohol for a day to remove residue and pollutants, and then use the liquid foam specially cleaned, and then placed in a clean dry place can be less dust a large, needle storing fiber dispensing required a certain corrosive glue, PVC material has a certain buffer capacity, not as long as the impact can be used normally.
High speed optical fiber dispenser
In addition to the large cylinder outside the market there are some special dispensing needle, is used in embedded design can use on the dispensing gun, fixed on the working stability of glue dispensing machine smooth, good sealing performance will not be leaking and other issues, and the impact of the air pressure piston adopts pure rubber manufacture, ensure the glue on the needle cylinder part by air to push out the glue.

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