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Programming system of vertical high speed dispensing machine

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High availability in the manufacturing industry of vertical high speed dispensing machine, is mainly responsible for the packaging or dispensing docking work which can be used for a variety of multi axis dispensing work, except for the configuration to meet the requirements, but also because the programming system supports multi axis linkage, using USB for data management and data transfer, not only has the advantages of simple operation convenient. The specific work program depending on the actual demand of dispensing.
Vertical double head high speed dispenser
There are two main types of vertical high-speed dispensing machine support programming, if the first dispensing work programming operators can choose to work specially configured for dispensing the teach box programming, high job demands can be obtained by the PC industrial control machine programming, support directly into the CAD engineering drawings for dispensing work, convenient programming work and the transfer speed, through the program can be used for a variety of point, line, point glue work, enhance the practicability of improving high speed dispensing a grade.
Large vertical high speed dispenser
As PC is open end of the dispensing work program, so the vertical high-speed dispensing machine is mainly used PC end dispensing work here to PLC programming programming, for example, the first dispensing parameter processing, separating the data unnecessary, and dispensing technology processing, dispensing work order according to the trapezoidal distribution will be. Follow from top to bottom program writing, programming is complete can be detected using the monitoring mode, greatly reduce the work possible dispensing error.
Multifunctional vertical high speed dispenser
The programming input high-speed memory card dispensing machine can, in the actual work can be retrieved at any time, not only has the advantages of simple operation and strong practicability, large storage space allows for storing a plurality of dispensing procedures.

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