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There are many reasons for abnormal glue. It is mainly based on the actual situation that we can judge perfectly what caused the abnormal glue of precision dispenser. Every abnormal glue will cause different problems. According to these problems, we can judge why abnormal glue appears. This is the fastest way. The best way to solve the problem is to prescribe the right medicine.
The most common glue abnormality problem
The two most common problems of abnormal glue are: first, excessive glue concentration; second, excessive glue thinning; how much viscous glue can be used in dispensing valves is relatively fixed; proportional fluid dispensing valves can only use glue with a viscosity of 1-100,000, with medium fluidity, which is the most suitable use. If the glue is too thin or too thick, the flow speed will be slow. These are common problems that lead to rubber leakage or blockage. They are especially easy to cause the dispensing problem of coil dispenser. The abnormal glue is especially easy to cause the accuracy damage of dispenser.
Glue storage can also cause abnormal glue
复动点胶阀 There is also the quality of glue itself, some glue storage time is too long or improper, will cause deterioration of glue, glue abnormalities will occur, the use of the best precision dispensing machine or fluid dispensing valve, can not complete the dispensing task, coil dispensing machine is a coil-specific machine, but glue is not good, Then it is impossible to finish the coil dispensing task. The dispensing accuracy will certainly not reach the standard.
Performance of abnormal glue
复动回吸点胶阀 There are many problems that cause abnormal glue. The glue is yellowing. Some glue belongs to transparent glue, but some yellowing occurs. It must be because the glue is not good. This is directly related to the storage of glue. For example, the coil dispenser uses a fluid dispensing valve to produce 5 kilograms of glue every day, and the remaining 5 kilograms of glue. Storage is more exquisite, can not enter the air, need to be placed in a cool place, there are storage tanks, can not be damaged, otherwise it is particularly easy to cause abnormal glue, abnormal glue can not use coil dispensing machine or precision dispensing machine and fluid dispensing valve.

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