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Flexible robot manipulator with high speed dispensing robot

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The mechanical arm high speed dispensing machine refers to a device for controlling the dispensing valve and dispensing needle, can assist the dispensing of three-dimensional operation, is conducive to improve the speed and ensure the quality of dispensing dispensing, mechanical arm put into use in a long time, familiar with the operation of degree is relatively high, the technology has been great progress, high-speed dispensing it is now generally use a robot manipulator.
High speed dispensing robot arm
The use of mechanical arm will pay attention to and the operation in some parts on the problem, these are the effects of dispensing the improper operation of the factors, and ultimately affect the quality problems of products production enterprises, the maintenance and protection of mechanical arm will be a technology, can not have the slightest mistake, especially in precision requirements in rubber industry, to do everything, so that it is not a problem of high speed dispensing robot dispensing.
There are only a few small problems in the mechanical arm of the dispenser, the first is the automatic shift of the Z axis, the second is the wear of mechanical fittings, and the third is the manipulator rail. These are the effects of mechanical arm operation problems, but also can solve.
The first type: high speed dispenser after long time operation, Z axis will automatically shift, can be equipped with visual status system, can also manually adjust the Z axis position.
2: is the long time has not been a mechanical arm of high speed dispensing machine maintenance is such a problem, because every part is the coefficient of friction, long time friction will be damaged, need to replace the mechanical arm parts of new and added lubricating oil.
Multi axis high speed dispensing robot arm
Third: this will affect the operation of the whole machine and the dispensing arm of the operation, this is a very serious, so we must re commissioning of mechanical arm track, and stop high-speed dispensing machine, the mechanical arm and the guide rail for scanning and installation.

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