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Do you know the safety problems of each hot melt glue machin

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This time, we want to focus on the safety of the hot melt adhesive machine. This equipment is used to control the storage of high temperature hot melt adhesive and carry out the application of dispensing or gluing. The formal operation involves safety issues and stability. This equipment requires the operator to pay attention to the correct operation and use, and pay attention to the safety issues, so as to make it more safe Stable use with high execution efficiency.
Double head double position hot melt glue dispenser
What are the safety issues that need attention? The manufacturer of China made hot melt adhesive machine makes the following summary
1. High voltage will be generated when the hot melt adhesive machine is powered on. In this case, it is necessary to avoid the electric shock accident caused by the direct contact of human body with the high voltage end, so the wiring of components built in the machine shall not be touched or changed easily.
2. The operator shall operate after power off when carefully checking or repairing the hot melt glue machine. In addition, he shall not touch the machine directly when there is water on his hand, which may cause electric shock due to partial leakage. He shall keep the whole dry and power off before operation, which is the most important safety problem of the hot melt glue machine.
3. The normal use of the hot melt glue machine needs to ground the wire to prevent electric shock. In many cases, it may cause electric shock due to the problem of the output port of the power supply. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to consciousness to avoid the accident.
Single station double head hot melt glue machine
4. After the installation of the hot melt glue machine, it is necessary to install a normal high-quality power switch and connect the power line. The operation stability of the whole machine conforms to the production use, and it is also a focus in the safety problems of the hot melt glue machine.
5. The hot-melt adhesive in the melting state is heated rapidly by the heating device to make it reach the fluid state, and the high-temperature hot-melt adhesive can have the effect of normal adhesion. During the operation, it is not allowed to touch the high-temperature adhesive point by hand to avoid scalding. In addition, the hot-melt adhesive valve is also in the high-temperature stage, if it does not need to be used, it needs to wait for static cooling before operation.
High temperature hot melt glue valve
The safety problems of the hot melt glue machine summarized in this intermediate system belong to a relatively important knowledge item, which requires the operator to have a profound understanding and attention in this aspect.

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