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Do smart phones need dispensing?

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Some time ago, the issue of smart phone dispensing has started to cause controversy. To distinguish whether a mobile phone has undergone dispensing treatment needs to be disassembled to observe the SOC (system level chip). If it has been glued and disassembled, it will become a non repairable product. Conversely, if there is no dispensing on the inside, it will cause a whole controversy again. The gambling machine refers to the Internet users This is the point, some manufacturers said that if there is no dispensing, they will pay for the new machine.
Smart phone suspension dispensing
Meizu mobile phones have always attached great importance to the importance and value improvement of dispensing process. Therefore, the dispensing process has been further optimized in the overall production line. After consumers have purchased the SOC location without dispensing and packaging, it has even attracted the attention and discussion of the industry personnel. We can see how important the dispensing process is to the smart phone packaging.
Mobile phone key dispensing
Whether Xiaomi mobile phone needs dispensing has always been a topic of discussion. People in the industry think that no dispensing is directly related to the rough workmanship of the mobile phone, while Xiaomi's response is that dispensing is not a necessary operation step. If the design structure is not reasonable enough, dispensing is needed. The glue spot is covered to the chip welding crack position, and then the glue dispensing and laminating are carried out. Xiaomi mobile phone adheres to the principle of no dispensing Because of the structural design and subsequent maintenance problems, reasonable internal design can achieve the fixed packaging effect without dispensing glue, and dispensing again will only make a superfluous move. In addition, disassembly and repair after dispensing need more energy investment, which may cost more than the whole machine, giving a feeling that disassembly and maintenance after dispensing is not as good as buying a new machine.
Mobile screen dispensing machine
In the SOC stage, all kinds of dense pins cover the position of the circuit board, and the connection strength is insufficient, and the bending resistance to vibration and impact is weak. Only by strengthening the packaging quality through dispensing technology can the above problems be avoided. In addition, the chip after dispensing is isolated from the outside world and has good dust-proof and moisture-proof erosion effect, and reduces the connection damage or chip damage under drop or impact Health.

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