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What are the precautions of plastic glue?

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Plastic glue is mostly used in the adhesion and bonding stage between plastics. In order to achieve the required strength and quality, plastic glue will be used as the adhesive. This time, we will explain the matters needing attention of plastic glue for you. Of course, the description of this situation can not be separated from the overview of its characteristics, so the following will be divided into two parts to explain.
Apply glue
Introduce features
The operation of covering the bonding position with plastic glue is very simple. In addition, it can realize the function of rapid positioning. For two-sided bonding, the glue can be filled in the fixed position on one side, initially solidified, and then bonded at room temperature for curing. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for a period of time after the filling and bonding, and then continue to add glue for bonding according to the situation The addition of yellowing will not affect the bonding effect and quality.
Dispensing of plastic parts
Precautions for use
Since the plastic glue itself has certain limitations, it is necessary to formulate a glue valve that can control the glue output and a dispensing machine suitable for use. The precautions for plastic glue include storage, use and operation. After using the plastic glue, the lid of the barrel should be tightened in time. If the plastic glue is not covered properly, the internal glue may be affected by air drying and crusting The tools used for taking glue should not be attached with foreign matters or impurities. Otherwise, the reclaiming effect will be affected. This is also one of the precautions for plastic glue. When storing, try to choose a cool, ventilated and dry place to avoid direct sunlight, which will make the adhesive strength higher.
Matching equipment of dispensing machine
Bonding products usually need to wait for 3-4 hours at room temperature to reach the curing degree that can be used. If the normal drying environment is not maintained, the curing time may be prolonged. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for drying at an appropriate time. This is the matters needing attention after purchasing plastic glue, which can be used in many production links.

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