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What problems should be paid attention to in engine shell gl

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This paper introduces a technology of gluing the engine shell. This technology requires the use of high viscosity glue containing particles and filling the slot position, so that the glue can be evenly distributed to the position of the filling slot. As a way of embellishment of the font, it has a uniform, complete and stable appearance effect after filling, and the particles on the font surface appear to be evenly distributed It can meet the needs of engine shell filling effect.
Filling and gluing of engine shell
The glue used this time is the filling glue with granular materials. As the glue on the motor shell only needs to be evenly applied at the filling groove, and the water surface of the filling glue is lower than that of the horizontal surface, so the operation will be very simple. The general high-speed dispensing machine can be used for normal operation, and the key point is whether the particles are evenly distributed after filling, if the solid is solid If the particle distribution is uneven, it will have a great impact on the appearance of the finished product. The direct problem is that the glue filling is not uniform and the color effect is not beautiful enough. Therefore, it is necessary to establish each position that needs to be met for production in the operation stage, so that the mixture can maintain a good distribution effect when filling.
Filling with silica gel
The limitation of glue has always existed, which is not conducive to the effect of high-speed dispenser putting into the engine shell gluing demand. The glue containing solid particles will affect the normal use effect. The solution is to evenly stir the external solid particles to make the internal solid particles disperse evenly, and will not precipitate and lead to a concentration, if not handled in this way The effect is that the granular solid is only filled to one corner, and the finished product will appear poor in aesthetics.
One component adhesive silica gel
One of the key points is to adjust the glue uniformity. In addition, the operator needs to control the glue output of the high-speed dispensing machine at a slower speed. In this way, the engine casing is coated more evenly and stably, and the glue particles are dispersed and distributed stably. Only in this way can the better filling effect be achieved. The glue distributed in the font slot will have a higher integrated aesthetic degree after curing 。

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