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In the final analysis, solder paste belongs to the category of fluid. In the conventional mode, it is paste mode, but in the application field, solder paste dispensing machine can not treat the glue as the fluid. Taking the solder paste of fine digital le.



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Many industries are using visual automatic dispensing machine, such as: electronic chip packaging, LED lighting dispensing, toy manufacturing, medical equipment assembly, etc. because of the obvious visual dispensing characteristics and comprehensive func.



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In peoples life, we often find such a dispensing machine equipment in many areas, but in the past we didnt know what is the equipment, the equipment is S-class equipment, and what kind of development space does this kind of equipment have? Because what we.



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Different from many dispensing machines, the most outstanding performance of the high-speed dispensing machine to be introduced today is high-speed. A lot of friends may be wondering, whats the high speed? Do you think about it when you use the dispenser?.



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The dispensing procedure step is the key operation process of the application of high-speed dispensing machine. According to the dispensing equipment we currently use, the dispensing step setting is mainly required. Each product will not have different di.



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Dispensing machine is a kind of dispensing machine equipment with high dispensing accuracy, which is generally used in electronic device communication industry, automobile industry and other fields with high demand. The dispensing travel area is small, an.



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Dispensing valve is the core part that dispensing equipment must be equipped with, which is mainly used for glue flow control. Glue quantitative control is mainly used to improve fluid flow control effect by setting air pressure value and controller param.



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1. What kind of glue is used in dispensing valve In addition, it is necessary to determine the type of dispensing valve and select the appropriate dispensing valve according to the dispensing effect. For example, the ejector pin type dispensing valve uses.



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Dispensing equipment can be equipped with a lot of dispensing valves for dispensing. Common types of dispensing valves include jet valve, screw valve, diaphragm valve, screw valve, precision dispensing valve, etc. However, when choosing dispensing equipme.



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In the electronic industry, dispensing machine equipment is playing a more and more important role. Whether it is chip dispensing or circuit board gluing, automatic dispensing machine equipment can bring many conveniences to users and operators, which can.



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In todays homogenized situation, with products and services guaranteed, why cant the company get the development it deserves? This is a problem worthy of consideration of dispensing mechanism manufacturers. Mature dispensing automation technology has been.



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As an important connecting part of the automatic dispensing machine, the quality of electric wire directly affects the quality of machine and equipment and the safety of consumers life and property. However, there are many kinds and brands of electric wir.

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