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The breakage treatment of automatic dispensing machine durin

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There are many reasons for this problem. It is important for operators to pay attention to the appropriate ways and measures to deal with the breakage. This time, we will make a brief solution to the problem of breakage in automatic dispensing machine, such as the correct way to deal with the breakage when all kinds of moulds are injected.
Automatic dispensing machine operation
Direct effect of rubber breakage
Auto-dispensing machine is needed in the gluing process of shoe moulds with large production capacity. The automatic dispensing machine is famous for its stable and fast efficiency. It is used to complete the gluing process of the moulds without any unintended influence. The problem of gluing breakage occurs mainly in the process of gluing out, which not only affects the coherence of the gluing of PVC soles, but also may have direct effects such as lack of glue or inaccurate control of gluing amount, which is the cause of In order to solve the direct cause of the defective products in manufacturing, it is necessary to analyze and deal with the rubber breakage in many ways.
Shoe dispensing line
Analysis of the Reasons for Rubber Breakage and Treatment
The problem of breaking glue may be caused by the low strength of adhesives, so the glue concentration controlled in the process of breaking glue is moderate. Generally speaking, the low-viscosity fluid is easy to break off and drip when it flows out. It can change the problem of hydrolysis of high-concentration glue to determine the glue. Of course, bubbles and particle precipitates in glue may affect the glue, not only the factors of colloid may affect it. Sound, including air pressure and fittings when other moulds are glued, may affect the operation, which is not conducive to the completion of a large number of PVC sole dispensing and a variety of moulds glued work.
Side view of automatic dispensing machine
The working parameters are also the cause of rubber breakage. Only the operator correctly excludes the inspection can the rubber breakage be correctly handled.

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