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The way of cleaning and removing special anaerobic adhesive

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Anaerobic glue, also known as threaded glue, is a kind of inert glue that keeps normal in the air. Anaerobic glue cleaning refers to a way of rinsing with special solution to remove it. It is mainly used when repairing or removing it. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to remove the residual glue of the anaerobic glue valve. This way is relatively simple and fast, and users can learn from it. The problem of blocking anaerobic adhesives was solved.
Anaerobic glue
A Way to Quickly Remove Anaerobic Adhesive
Anaerobic dispensing valves are sometimes blocked when they are used, and the removal method is quite different from that of semi-finished products. Here we explain how to clean and remove the anaerobic adhesives. When the semi-finished products are completely cured, many ways can not be completely removed. The adhesive surface can be heated by a rubber gun to make the strength of the cured adhesives become lower and softer, and the softened solid can be removed by a brush. Chemicals are then cleaned with a wet cloth to remove the residual anaerobic adhesives.
61 type anaerobic adhesive dispensing valve
Rubber valves are different from ordinary removal methods
However, the residual glue in the anaerobic dispensing valve should be soaked in acetone solution for a period of time before removal. If the operation is not correct, the plugged dispensing valve should be treated, which is relatively troublesome. Of course, it can also be removed by heating. The glue needs to be heated to 150-200 degrees Celsius to soften the glue, and then the residual glue can be removed by cleaning the anaerobic glue with appropriate clear water. This method is not suitable for anaerobic dispensing valves.
61 anaerobic adhesive dispensing valve
The cleaning method of anaerobic adhesive is generally the same, and the best way to choose when the adhesion is too large is roughly these.

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