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The overall quality of mobile phone board is improved after

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The quality of mobile phone board has a profound impact on the value of most smart phones, so many mobile phone manufacturers begin to pay more attention to the construction and mode selection of this module. The dispensing stage of mobile phone board is to fix and seal all electronic components by dispensing, and have corresponding insulation effect, so the investment of dispensing equipment is needed in the manufacturing and production stage of mobile phone Use.
Apply UV glue to mobile phone board
The dispensing of mobile phone board is BGA packaging. At first, most mobile phone parts were not finished by dispensing process. The chip is mainly connected to the main board through pins before it can be used in the circuit. Because the mobile phone chip itself is small and the hardness is not enough, it may be damaged due to the vibration or impact of the mobile phone, so the glorious mobile phone will enhance the stable quality through dispensing technology, of course Dispensing is not the only factor to judge the quality of mobile phones, it is just a way to enhance the use effect.
Mobile phone control point UV glue
The high-speed dispensing machine is a desktop type dispensing equipment, which can adjust the dispensing path and execution parameters through the free programming of the external control board, while the mobile phone board has a certain light transmittance, so it can use a proper amount of UV glue for pin packaging, and the translucent UV glue is applied to the chip lead pin, which can effectively prevent the oxidation of metal contacts after dispensing, and greatly improve the integrity The quality and service life of the body, and has the performance characteristics of high cost performance.
Black transparent UV glue
It is worth mentioning that if the mobile phone board is difficult to be disassembled after dispensing, part of the purpose is to prevent the user from repairing without permission. If the main board after dispensing is disassembled and repaired, the mobile phone board may be scrapped carelessly. Therefore, the mobile phone board after dispensing has firm strength and stable quality, but it has the problem of poor disassembly.

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