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A high-speed, fully automatic dispensing machine for glue fi

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The demand for dispensing equipment in the manufacturing industry is increasing, followed by a variety of new types of equipment to provide a large number of user choices. This paper introduces a fully automatic operation and high-speed operation dispensing machine under our company. This machine belongs to a fully automatic dispensing machine, which will be introduced from the functional characteristics and performance applications.
Fully automatic glue dispensing machine
Performance of glue dispenser
Operation mode: automatic
Programming Storage: 99
Repetition accuracy: +0.02mm/turn
Programming: Instructor Control
Control system: PLC program control
Suitable operation: plane dotting, straight line curve drawing, circle gluing
Driving mode: synchronous belt and guide rail
Working power supply: full voltage AC220V
Working temperature: 5-40 C
Working humidity: 20-90%
Applicable industries: electronic components, integrated circuits, circuit board spot solder paste, electronic parts fixing and dust-proof and moisture-proof protection, LCD LCD screen, etc.
High-speed glue dispenser
Functional characteristics of practical operation
Pouring dispenser has the characteristics of good compatibility and versatility in many automatic dispensing machines. It can finish dispensing and gluing work for larger volume products, high precision control dispensing can also be done for small parts. At the same time, PLC system control can complete dispensing and gluing with high productivity and precision. The characteristics of automatic dispensing machine are small demand for manual operation and stability ratio. The manual operation is higher, and the dispensing machine has a good control effect on the influence of dripping and wire drawing, which reduces the output of bad products used in dispensing for a long time.
Fully automatic glue dispensing machine
The production execution power of the dispensing machine selected by users will have obvious effect. The automatic mode provides the common guarantee of quality and efficiency when dispensing at high speed. Therefore, it has positive effect on many production lines requiring dispensing and glue dispensing.

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