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What skills do you have in using hot melt adhesives? How to

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The use of hot melt adhesives must understand its characteristics, in order to make it very good, and the characteristics of a glue do not know, how to ensure the effect of high-speed dispensing? Certainly can not guarantee, regardless of high-speed dispensing machine, or dispensing valve need to be equipped with dispensing accessories to meet the requirements of hot melt glue coating, in order to better use hot melt glue.
Configuration of special dispensing valve
热熔胶点胶阀 Firstly, it introduces the dispensing accessories that hot melt glue must be used, that is, hot melt glue dispensing valve, which is specially designed for glue heating. Because hot melt glue is often used, many manufacturers call it hot melt glue dispensing valve. It has automatic heating and constant stability. Generally, hot melt glue needs to be heated at a temperature of 100 to be able to use. The first factor in using hot melt adhesives is to give full play to the characteristics of glue, and the effect of solidification and bonding will be better.
Two methods of using hot melt adhesives
热熔胶点胶机 There are two ways to coat hot melt glue: first, manual hot melt glue dispensing gun; second, the use of dual-position hot melt glue dispensing machine, the former we did not produce, to introduce how the latter uses hot melt glue, dual-position hot melt glue dispensing machine need to be equipped with hot melt dispensing valve, and then carry other accessories, in order to coat hot melt glue at high speed, dual-position hot melt glue dispensing machine is not mainly used. Hot melt adhesives are different from hot melt adhesives. The use of hot melt adhesives is not necessarily in line with the production needs. Coating is to meet the needs of the industry before it can be applied.
Two combinations are needed to make the final use of hot melt adhesives.
The use of hot melt glue requires the use of dual-position hot melt dispensing machine and hot melt dispensing valve, dispensing valve must be used, and dual-position hot melt dispensing machine can change other types of machines, such as three-axis high-speed dispensing machine or large dispensing machine, but hot melt dispensing valve can only use one, other dispensing valves do not have such dispensing requirements, there are many in the market. The use of glue is required.
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