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How to control the glue quantity by using the compound dispe

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The glue quantity control is directly related to the dispensing controller and the dispensing valve. Setting up the glue quantity according to the demand of the industry, and then adjusting the fine-tuning button of the dispensing valve to ensure that the glue quantity is within the demand of the dispensing industry. In fact, the two ways are very simple. Being familiar with the two things can basically control the glue quantity well.
Compound dispensing valve
点胶阀 The compound dispensing valve belongs to a kind of dispensing machine which can use medium-low-high glue, but it can not exert its strength by using high-concentration glue. The medium-concentration glue is the best one with certain fluidity, high dispensing precision and is suitable for manufacturers. It can also be used with many dispensing machines. Not only a single dispensing machine can use the compound dispensing valve, but also a high-speed dispensing machine can make it work. Used.
Desktop gluer
复动点胶阀 Desktop glue dispenser is also a very good equipment, can complete point-to-point, line-to-line dispensing mode, according to different production requirements, can also be adjusted accordingly, so the performance of glue control is very good, choose different dispensing equipment, or have a good dispensing function, glue volume control is more stable, will not often appear gum or drip leakage. Problem, that's the advantage of the machine.
Main Reasons for Glue Control
大流量点胶阀 The control of glue quantity is mainly the compound dispensing valve and desktop glue dispensing machine, which means that the dispensing valve and dispensing machine are the most important, but if you want high-precision dispensing, other dispensing accessories must be matched, so as to ensure the control of glue quantity in the dispensing process, so different dispensing effects are controlled according to the dispensing valve. We also have a lot of experiments in this respect before we can get the conclusion. It is very important to choose dispensing equipment.
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