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What about the difficulty of foaming glue for glass windows?

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When producing glass windows, it is necessary to point foam glue at the window frame in order to exert the bonding effect of stable strength. Generally, the gap of window frame is small. It is difficult to locate foam glue exactly at the bonding point for a long time, which greatly discounts the bonding efficiency and finished products of doors and windows. Many manufacturers feel that the stability and accuracy of foam glue can not be guaranteed for a long time, so how can we finish it? The whole floor is covered with foam glue on the glass window frame?
Small doors and windows
Define the correct use of foam
First of all, to check whether the quality of the foam is itself, the poor quality is unfavorable to finish the work of door and window bonding. Secondly, the foam is a wet sintering foam. It needs a little humidity in the door and window frame to bind it more quickly.
When bonding doors and windows, foam should be evenly pointed out from left to right, which not only saves material consumption but also strengthens shrinkage force. If you can replace materials and use silica gel for bonding, if you use automatic dispensing equipment, you need to replace special silica gel valves to make better use of silica gel for bonding doors and windows.
Foaming glue for gluing
Providing professional high-speed dispensing machine
If there is no professional automated high-speed equipment, it is very difficult to maintain the high consistency of foaming agent dotting. Users can choose efficient automated foaming dispensing equipment to dot the foaming glue. In this process, automation provides users with foaming glue dispensing equipment, while completing mass production, it can also maintain high-speed and stable glue control effect, while supporting a variety of points. Rubber valves are used in more production space, such as special point silica gel special valve, point anaerobic gel special valve, etc., which support the application of door and window bonding.
High-speed foaming dispensing sprayer
When bonding doors and windows, attention should be paid to the ventilation environment, whether point foam or point silica gel has certain toxicity. At the same time, after using high-speed automation equipment, check whether there are blockages in special foam valves and special silica gel valves.

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