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What is the implementation effect of using PCB reinforcement

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You have been familiar with PCB (printed circuit board) as a component. The introduction of Chinese system automation is related to PCB reinforcement technology, mainly for computer connector and metal connector, select appropriate UV glue to reinforce PCB, according to this feature, it will also use UV light to promote curing, after reinforcement, it will be transmitted to light tube to start irradiation and fast Fast curing, which mainly uses the UV irradiation of UV glue to promote the curing rate.
PCB filling and reinforcement
How about the effect of UV glue dispenser used in PCB reinforcement? It is almost the same as that of special reinforcement machine. By applying proper amount of UV glue to the joint position and sending it to the specially configured UV light tube position for irradiation, the curing strength of glue point is improved and the curing rate is promoted, which can solve the influence of flexibility of circuit board, At the same time, it can also improve the fixing strength and effect of plug-in parts, so that the adhesion of terminal strip lines can be improved at multiple levels, the curing speed is fast and the dry fixed surface is even and stable, and it has the stable effect of tough rubber layer, earthquake resistance and impact resistance, so the PCB reinforcement technology is gradually valued and recognized by the insiders.
331 stroke Uvglue dispenser
The UV glue dispenser is also customized along with the user's needs. In the PCB reinforcement stage, a special needle cylinder or glue valve that can control the UV glue dispensing is needed, including the fixed fixture, which also needs to meet the PCB board's fixation. In the normal dispensing stage, no looseness or deviation occurs. In addition, there are certain requirements for the light intensity of the UV lamp, which requires a relatively long time of exposure intensity and Sustainability, the fixed strength of PCB reinforcement is related to the light intensity, distance, curing depth and other aspects. It is recommended to adjust the light intensity of UV lamp to wavelength of 365nm.
Automatic Uvglue dispenser
It is a feasible method to select Uvglue dispenser in PCB reinforcement stage, which requires PCB to have good light transmittance to use Uvglue for reinforcement. In addition, if the user selects Uvglue dispenser, it can be used in the process of filling Uvglue in many aspects, of course, different kinds of fixture need to be developed.

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