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How to control the adhesion of AB glue to copper?

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For bonding copper sheet or two copper materials, the proportioned AB glue can be used. After bonding with copper, AB glue has good resistance to acid, alkali and water vapor erosion. In addition, it has high bonding strength and stability. Therefore, it is a kind of adhesive that can be used for metal bonding. According to the actual situation, the selection of AB glue is not suitable for copper bonding. The following will be given by the dispenser manufacturer Give unique insights and explanations.
Copper bonding
Suggestions on glue type selection
According to the actual situation, only the epoxy resin AB glue mixed according to the proportion is more suitable for copper bonding. Epoxy resin AB glue and acrylic acid AB glue are two common adhesives. The reason why the latter is abandoned and the former is selected mainly comes from the use. Acrylic acid will form chemical reaction with copper, which directly affects the completion degree of the finished product. The copper surface turns green is acrylic acid The reason why enoic acid AB glue is not suitable, so it is recommended to use epoxy resin material for bonding copper with ab adhesive, so as to ensure sufficient bonding strength and have more space to adjust positioning time and operation time.
Double position double liquid dispensing machine
How to realize bonding through dispensing technology
The general dispenser belongs to a relatively small area, so it is only applicable to the relatively small AB adhesive copper link. When the high-speed dispenser is used to complete the manufacturing and production, the epoxy resin AB glue can be mixed by matching the AB dispensing valve and adjusting the weight ratio to 1:1, and then coating to the copper bonding surface by fixed-point coating, which may exist on the bonding surface If the bonding surface is too smooth, it is not conducive to bonding with AB glue, it may need to be roughened and cleaned before dispensing.
Epoxy resin AB adhesive
After bonding copper with AB glue, it is necessary to wait for a period of time to achieve the effect of complete curing. The bonding force of complete curing is strong and it is difficult to shake. However, it only takes a few minutes to achieve the initial curing effect. At this time, it is not allowed to touch hands or move violently to cause dislocation. Otherwise, poor bonding products may occur due to improper operation.

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