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Glue filling process of outdoor waterproof display screen

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Some outdoor or park LED display screens that can be waterproof and moisture resistant are available for citizens to visit and understand. Why these products can work normally in rainy days without being affected is mainly due to the technology of screen glue filling. After glue filling for various components inside the display screen, the waterproof performance will be greatly improved. Therefore, large flow glue filling machine will be used to complete the display Screen filling production.
Outdoor LCD
Display screen completes the introduction of glue filling
The choice of gumming glue is mainly based on the epoxy resin adhesive adjusted after the ratio. The numerical glue and some curing agents are mixed quantitatively according to the corresponding proportioning. The machine will mix the driving glue and the curing agent quantitatively to make the adhesive that accords with the electronic product glue pouring. This kind of compound material is applied to the LED cavity of the forming cavity and the pressure welded LED bracket. Bake in the oven to promote the curing rate. After the components are removed from the mold cavity, they have good water resistance and protection ability, which makes the display screen have a more comprehensive industrial application effect and performance after filling.
Large silica gel automatic filling machine
Notes on the proportion of glue
Because the precise display screen needs to be filled with glue, it is necessary to pay attention to and make appropriate adjustment on the proportion of glue. First, the two-component glue after the proportion needs to be kept uniform without abnormality. In addition, the filling amount of the display screen components is also important when filling glue. It is not allowed to fill too little glue or too much glue. If the amount of glue is insufficient, the internal components should be filled with glue The waterproof performance will be greatly reduced, on the contrary, if there is too much glue, it may affect the actual use of the finished product.
If the filling process is not good, what is the performance? Mainly in the aspects of glue point strength, insufficiency and damage, including the problems in the deployment of glue such as bubbles, etc., which may occur together. If the ratio is not correct, the glue point may be broken or damaged, and some glue filling points will turn yellow, which is not conducive to the quality of the finished product of screen glue filling.
Silica gel infusion device
Of course, some of the adhesives used for screen filling are silica gel with high viscosity and poor flow. This kind of glue has good water-proof and moisture-proof performance after curing. Therefore, it has attracted the attention and use of many screen manufacturers.

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