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Adjustment direction for glue filling of driving power

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LED driving power supply has high reliability and efficiency, and the development of the whole industry seems to be moving at a relatively fast pace. This paper makes a brief introduction to the glue filling process of driving power supply. In order to make it have a more stable and safe heat dissipation life, it is necessary to inject a proper amount of proportioning glue into the internal coupling position. The equipment of glue filling machine is indispensable, of course, it is also necessary to It is better to treat the potting glue and then use it in the actual production.
Filling and filling of driving power supply
Adjustment direction of filling compound
Because the glue used for glue filling is made according to the mixture ratio of two components, it is necessary to formulate the adjustment methods and means in the whole stage. The following is the flow of the adjustment stage of the driving power supply glue filling
1. Before mixing, mix the glue evenly by manual or machine operation to prevent the glue from settling and weakening the strength.
2. The mixture ratio of 1:1 is used to mix the rubber and catalyst evenly, and the error of the ratio cannot be too high to affect the effect.
3. Observe whether there are bubbles. If there are bubbles in the mixed adhesive, remove them by corresponding means, such as vacuum deaeration.
4. The rubber filling surface of the driving power supply shall be kept dry and relatively clean, so as to make the mixture completely and evenly filled.
5. After mixing, the rubber filling material is dry and solid relatively fast. If the dry and solid speed of the driving power supply is found to be insufficient, it can be properly heated.
Proportioning filling and filling machine
A good glue material ratio needs to be formulated in combination with environmental factors. The glue filling at the driving power supply presents a preliminary curing state for a period of time. At this time, the glue points inside have not fully solidified to a hard state, so it still needs a period of time to wait for dry consolidation. Heating is also a way to promote glue curing. If the heating is too high, it will also affect the overall quality of the glue filling at the driving power supply.
Platform type glue filling equipment
The driving power supply has good heat conduction and heat dissipation effect after pouring glue. In addition, it has sufficient waterproof performance. The driving power supply manufacturer can replace the glue pouring type with thermosensitive glue. After mixing according to the proportion, it has better waterproof and moisture-proof performance and heat conduction effect.

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