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High speed dispenser for rubber bonding pay attention to sur

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Rubber bonding stage can be combined with high-speed dispenser to complete fast and stable precision bonding, so how to ensure that rubber products have better bonding effect and strength? The performance of the dispensing machine is a key link, of course, the selection of glue type and rubber surface treatment is also very key. The following is about how to handle rubber bonding and the recommended glue type.
Rubber adhesive
Rubber surface treatment stage
The surface of common rubber materials is relatively smooth, and the application of glue on the surface can not achieve good and stable bonding strength and quality. It needs to be treated by corresponding means to make the surface have corresponding roughness, and the glue applied on the surface can have higher execution strength. There are several alternative methods to make the surface relatively rough, and the quality of rubber bonding can be guaranteed. The following examples are as follows: Two more ways.
1. Grind the surface to rough with brush
For natural rubber, grind the surface to rough with a brush, and wash away the particles remaining on the friction surface with a solution
For synthetic rubber, clean the surface with methanol first, then grind it to rough with sandpaper, and then clean and remove the residue
2. Use sulfuric acid
Natural rubber is placed in sulfuric acid for a period of time, and then the surface is washed with water and dried, and then bent slightly to produce fine cracks, which can make the glue have a better bonding strength
Instant dry adhesive
Glue selection type
Overall, we mentioned that the key of a high-speed dispenser with superior performance is whether it can support the use of glue. The instant dry glue used in the rubber bonding stage can fix the two rubbers in a short time, including the rubber on the joint surface of several millimeters (need to keep rough). The glue has a high viscosity and is easy to control the flow point coating. Of course, the high-speed dispenser is needed In addition, the surface dirt or dust should be removed before dispensing.
Desktop matching high speed dispensing machine
The use of high-speed dispensing machine is simple and easy to use. The external manual controller can help the operators better adjust the dispensing parameters, so that the dispensing path conforms to the filling range of the rubber bonding surface, and the uniform filling of the rubber material can have a better bonding strength and effect.

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