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High speed dispenser is an automatic equipment for earphone

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This time, we give a brief introduction to the small earphone dispensing. This link needs to be combined with the automation equipment and put into mass production. At present, we consider using a high-speed dispensing machine to complete the production to ensure that the product quality reaches the standard and has good bonding and fixation effect. According to the earphone material and bonding surface, it needs to use a more targeted Plastic instant adhesive is used for bonding.
Filling and dispensing earphone
Restrictions on earphone structure
Because the earphone on the market has a small structure and a relatively precise gluing position, it needs a high-speed dispensing machine to achieve high control accuracy and stability. The dispensing position may be about 1 mm. In addition, batch dispensing is also required. Therefore, there are special requirements for the selection of equipment. Therefore, several points need to be met in order to meet the production requirements Bit fast and good fluidity, can complete the earphone dispensing in a few seconds is a very needed executive efficiency.
Platform type 331 automatic dispensing machine
Introduction to the function of dispensing machine
The use of high-speed dispenser can help users to complete mass production. If you want to finish the earphone dispensing, you need to make preparations first. The position where the earphone needs to be filled with glue needs to be free of dust and foreign matters, and ensure that the surface is relatively dry to facilitate bonding. The plastic instant adhesive can be stored in a specially configured pressure barrel for ventilation when required Press driven extrusion, if the amount of glue required is low, it is also a good choice to store it in a small syringe.
After setting the moving out path of the high-speed dispensing machine and positioning, it will move to the adhesive surface of earphone dispensing and apply a small amount of adhesive. After aligning and bonding, it can achieve the initial curing effect in a few seconds. After 30 minutes, it has relatively good fixation strength. In order to ensure the high completion of execution efficiency, it is also necessary to formulate corresponding fixed fixture and work station to meet the requirements of mass manufacturing.
Standard 331 dispenser
Because it is necessary to precisely control the uniform and stable glue output in the instant when dispensing the earphone, we will choose to install a PE needle tube at the bottom of the dispensing syringe or dispensing valve, so as to make the glue quantity control stable and even, and prevent too much from affecting the practicability of mass production.

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