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The effect of high speed dispensing machine in PC lampshade

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This time, we will introduce the link and operation mode of PC lampshade bonding. PC is polycarbonate. Based on this, the lampshade made of this material has good impact resistance, good heat resistance and low temperature resistance. Therefore, it meets the requirements of covering the heating lamp source. A kind of glue is needed to bond the connection surface of the lamp shade, which is to apply a layer of adhesive to the small covering groove of the PC lampshade To achieve further reinforcement and stability effect, of course, the selection of dispenser type also needs to match the needs of the production, we suggest to select the high-speed dispensing machine that meets the matching requirements and put into production.
PC lampshade bonding
High speed dispensing machine is a kind of automation equipment with excellent performance and wide application range under China manufacturing company. It has application characteristics that many equipment do not have. It can be started by setting. It can complete path filling and coating for semi-finished parts. It requires low labor input and is more convenient to use. It can be put into operation after installing fixture conforming to lamp shade In the bonding process of PC lampshade, the glue used for bonding is a special adhesive with low viscosity and high fluidity. It starts to solidify after 5 minutes of spot coating, which gives operators a certain adjustable time. After bonding the two lampshades together, they will not be degummed or loose.
Control multi axis dispensing
Firstly, set the glue point and path of the connection position in the external controller of the high-speed dispensing machine, and select the glue valve matching with the glue to control the glue output. The dust or foreign matters that may exist at the outer end of the bonding surface should be removed first, and it needs to be completely removed to make the coating effect of PC lampshade meet the requirements. After the bonding surface is coated, the two PC lampshades can be bonded and applied from above to below It takes 24 hours to reach the full curing strength.
Double station platform dispensing machine
Because of the strong fluidity of the glue selected for PC lampshade bonding, if there is no matching fixture fixed, the dispensing offset or displacement may occur.

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