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Knowledge sharing of conveyor belt repair technology

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This time, we will introduce the technical knowledge about the repair of conveyor belt. The most common type of conveyor belt is made of rubber. In case of long-time transportation, there will be some problems such as wear, scratch or crack. Therefore, the method of repairing this part of damaged place has been paid attention to for a time. The key point is to repair the crack with proper amount of glue This is the key to improve security and operational performance.
Repair of rubber conveyor belt
How to repair the conveyor belt?
Only by roughening the cracked position of the conveyor belt, can the glue be applied to the repair position more stably, and the dust, dirt and other foreign matters on the surface can be removed. Since the conveyor belt needs to maintain a long time of fixation and bonding strength, it is recommended to select a high proportion of two-component adhesive for bonding. The bonding position should be fixed with a needle cylinder or other gluing tools Apply the two-component glue once, bake it with 1kW iodine tungsten lamp until it is dry. After drying, apply the glue for the second time to the bonding position. After gluing, the adhesive is covered stably and evenly by pressing. It needs to wait for 24 hours to reach the complete curing strength. The main purpose of applying glue once in advance is to make the adhesive bonding more stable and facilitate the repair of conveyor belt.
Two component AB coating
High bonding strength of high strength two component adhesive
The two-component repair adhesive has good high-temperature resistance and bonding strength. Because the mixed adhesive can rapidly cure and reach sufficient strength at room temperature, it is suitable for filling and repairing covering glue. Only after the conveyor belt is repaired can the machine run normally. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the required bonding strength is achieved Whether there is oil leakage in the conveyor belt can be roughly understood.
Two component filling syringe
The overall bonding operation is relatively simple. After filling to the bonding position, proper heating can promote the curing rate. If the temperature exceeds 35 ℃, too much glue can not be applied, which may affect the filling effect of conveyor belt repair.

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