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Standard adhesive selection method provided by manufacturer

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As the automatic manufacturer of dispensing machine, Zhongzhi will provide an adhesive selection method for users to choose, because the operation quality of the selected equipment largely depends on whether the selected adhesive has good quality and good curing strength. If the adhesive with poor quality is selected, it will lead to the bonding strength and quality. The following is a four-point direction around the instructions.
Filling adhesive
1. Ensure the proper purity of adhesives. Because some adhesives have low content or purity, this kind of glue belongs to relatively sparse type. Therefore, the effect of selecting industrial grade a adhesive will be better. The strength invested in bonding and curing can be guaranteed, and the curing speed is faster than that of other types. If there are more impurities or moisture in the adhesive, it is not conducive to the future The bonding strength is up to standard,
High temperature resistant adhesive
2. The selection of adhesives also has a certain relationship with the place of origin. The amount of magnesium oxide contained in different producing areas will be different. In addition, the same quality also has different volume size, including the adhesive activity is different. The adhesive with low activity represents unfavorable conditions such as poor bonding strength or easy to fall off, and even the situation that the same type of glue has strong adhesion but another kind of weak viscosity is selected Type A should tend to chemical manufacturers with brand strength.
3. Adhesives, as commonly used consumables, have corresponding storage time, and the storage time is mainly affected by the role of raw materials. Some of them can keep normal effect after long-term storage, while others are easy to deteriorate after short-term storage. Some rubber adhesives are sensitive and may interfere with normal use due to the influence of characteristics. Therefore, when purchasing adhesives, they should be selected First, know whether it meets the requirements of putting into use.
Double station dispenser platform
4. If the bonding quality is normal, we should consider whether the price is appropriate. Of course, we should not just think that the more expensive the adhesive is, the better it is. This is a common cognitive error in the selection process.

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