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Reasonable use of instant glue to complete sealing strip but

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Instant glue is a kind of curing adhesive that can be used for sealing strip butt joint. When it reaches the curing effect, it is resistant to pulling and is not easy to loosen and fall off. After curing, the adhesive point has the advantages of no yellowing, whitening and brittleness for a long time. Therefore, it can meet the strength and quality of most docking requirements, and has certain environmental protection effect.
Sealant filling and coating
Importance of sealing strip before butt joint
Like most glue, the reason why instant glue can achieve stable and high-strength bonding is related to proper treatment. First, remove the impurities and dust that may exist in the butt joint position, including ink and paint, to keep the bonding position clean and dry. After pouring the instant glue into the dispensing needle cylinder or pressure barrel, the dispenser is driven and adjusted by air pressure When the adhesive is applied to the bonding position, the two sealing strips can be butted with a proper amount of instant adhesive. The strength of initial curing and compaction can be achieved in about 5 seconds, and the use standard can be reached in about 30 minutes.
401 instant drying adhesive
When choosing the instant glue dispensing, pay attention to the reasonable operation and correct sequence. Do not wear knitting gloves for dispensing. The main reason is that the material of the knitting gloves will react with the instant glue and produce large heat, which may cause burns to the human body. Once the instant glue is not properly dropped to the human body when the sealing strip is butted, the bonding surface needs to be washed with clean water, and then the solidified position will be fixed Strip them one by one and clean them again.
Curing accelerator
It is recommended to wait for 24 hours for the instant adhesive to completely solidify after the sealing strip is butted. At this time, the effect of sealing packaging can reach the extreme and the frequency of problems can be reduced. If the sealing strip is not used until it is completely dry, the bonding surface may turn white. The whitening can be removed by special glue remover, and then the process of applying instant adhesive once again is completed.

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