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Selection of glue for sponge bonding metal and matters needi

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Sponge is a kind of elastic material with strong water absorption. The existence of this property may affect the adhesion of sponge to metal. After bonding, ordinary glue may be absorbed by sponge and partially corroded. Therefore, the selection of glue should not only ensure the normal curing, but also ensure its good elasticity and safety. The accuracy of dispensing in this link is not high, so it is necessary to select the type of glue Cover with water.
Sponge pad gluing
Glue selection type
As a manufacturer of automation equipment, Sinochem recommends a solvent based adhesive specially for sponge. This glue is suitable for the needs of sponge bonding metal. The glue belongs to medium viscosity adhesive with certain fluidity, low corrosion and low pollution. After being controlled by the dispensing machine, the glue coverage is uniform and comprehensive, and the metal bonding position will not corrode the sponge material The production of this link needs to be guaranteed. In addition, it has high tear strength and quality. It does not degumm and has good flexibility and elasticity after curing, which is easier to control.
Apply adhesive
Conduct formal operation
The more glue the dispenser controls is not the better. If too much glue is applied to sponge bonded metal, it will not only slow down the dry setting time, but also lead to uneven coating surface and partial lack of glue or more glue. Therefore, a thin layer of glue on the surface can be uniform. In addition, the impurities and dust that may exist on the material surface should be removed to make the glue cover more even and stable, The adhesive will have more strength. After about 5 minutes, the initial setting effect will be achieved. After 24 hours of complete curing, the sponge bonding metal will reach the maximum strength of the glue.
Standard platform automatic dispenser
Some external auxiliary means, such as external pressure or heating, can be used to achieve the desired effect. These are effective methods to improve the bonding quality.

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