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Three criteria for selecting PP glue

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The related application of polypropylene materials has been involved in a variety of electronic appliances, plastic hardware and other manufactured products. To select PP glue, we need to know two types: fast drying type and slow drying type. The fast drying type of PP glue is synthesized by the process of one component adhesive to achieve the instant curing of the glue, while the slow drying type is adjusted by the proportion of environmental protection solvent and resin According to this characteristic, it will be used in different fields.
Quick drying PP glue
1. Type of bonding material
In order to select PP glue, it is necessary to know the materials of the two bonding materials first, so as to select the suitable PP glue more specifically. If it is plastic bonding, it is necessary to confirm whether the ingredients used in the adhesive will affect the degree of bonding. According to this point, the suitable PP glue can meet the production needs.
Slow drying PP glue
2. Bonding position size
First of all, we should understand the characteristics of the size of the bonding position, and then choose PP glue, because the area of the bonding position involves the selection of fast drying or slow drying type. For small area material bonding, quick drying type can be selected. When applied to the covering position, it will quickly dry and solidify. When used for bonding, the treatment agent can be properly used to accelerate the curing degree. On the contrary, if the bonding area is relatively large, it should be considered to select Because if the bonding area is large, the uniform distribution of glue is more rigorous and sufficient. The slow drying glue can facilitate the operator to adjust it. After the adjustment is uniform, the adhesive can be bonded and the cost investment is reduced.
Filling and bonding of PP board
3. Temperature resistance and viscosity of glue
For example, the instant drying type of PP glue can be adjusted between - 10 ℃ and 80 ℃. However, most people don't know much about it or know little about it. Therefore, it is necessary to make great efforts to adjust the glue and prevent the waste of selection cost due to improper selection of glue In order to communicate with manufacturers and choose PP glue is more targeted.

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