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Treatment of three cases of metal glue leakage

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This time, we will explain how to deal with the leakage of metal glue according to the correct way. The glue needs to be treated according to the standard and correct treatment method to avoid more accidents. After learning the appropriate operation mode, it can improve the dispensing configuration and bonding performance effect for the production link. Therefore, more and more production users will choose this glue as the adhesive.
Metal adhesive
1. Handling of gloves
Because the metal glue has a certain degree of corrosiveness, when it touches the human body, it will damage the skin. Some operators will wear gloves before controlling the glue dispensing. However, wearing gloves to control the glue filling will become inflexible and difficult to change. If the operation is not very good, it will drop onto the gloves. The gloves will react with the metal glue, which will release a lot of heat and scald the hands Therefore, if the metal glue leaks to the gloves at this stage, the gloves should be removed immediately and discarded. In addition, the gloves cannot be washed with water.
Textile gloves
2. Skin touching metal glue
This part involves the treatment of skin surface caused by metal glue leakage. If this happens, the bonding position can be cleaned with soapy water to weaken the adhesion of metal glue gradually. However, this is only suitable for small area bonding. Once the adhesive area is large, it needs to be operated by other methods, and special adhesive remover is needed to apply to the adhesive Fix the position to prevent the glue from further reaction and burn the skin surface for a long time. You can even wash the glue position with a large amount of water. If the degumming effect is not good, you should go to the hospital for treatment.
Manual dispensing
3. If more metal glue leaks, soak in water
If there is a large amount of leakage of metal glue, it should be treated by other methods. This glue has a pungent smell and high volatility. Therefore, the operation needs to be carried out in a space with good ventilation environment so as not to endanger human health. In addition, large leakage of metal glue needs to be soaked in clean water to weaken and remove it.

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