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Brief introduction of PP plastic bonding

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On the Internet, the author often finds that users ask what kind of glue is better for PP plastic bonding. As a dispensing automation manufacturer, they can provide some simple information, which can help you to understand and choose the suitable type of use, which can bring important help to the production of some links,
Filling and bonding of PP plastics
The following four points should be known before bonding with PP plastics:
1. To confirm whether PP and PP materials are bonded, it is also necessary to consider whether it is soft PP or hard PP, or whether PP plastics are bonded with other objects. The glue types selected for different products are different. It is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer to formulate and recommend a suitable solid bonding adhesive.
PP sheet sticking
2. Confirm the bonding area of the material. Large area or small area should be considered for the bonding of PP plastic. For small area bonding, quick drying curing adhesive can be used, and a small amount of glue can be used to quickly dry and achieve the required bonding effect. If the bonding area is large, slow drying curing adhesive can be used, which can reserve operation space for operators The cost will not be slightly lower than the quick drying adhesive, and it can also have good bonding strength
3. Determine the requirements of PP plastic bonding, including bonding speed / glue color / glue viscosity / bonding strength, etc.
Quick drying PP adhesive
4. If PP plastics are bonded with non sensitive materials, they should be replaced with non sensitive glue. PP belongs to the plastic parts which are difficult to be bonded. The surface layer of the bonding position needs to be treated with the treatment agent completely once and then filled with glue, so that the bonding effect is better and the bonding strength is strong. The bonding of two PP plastics can be filled with special glue, without special treatment, and directly coated and bonded That's fine.

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