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Wholesale price of 30CC hot melt point valve

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   When it comes to desktop hot-melt dispenser, we have to say that the 30cc hot-melt dispenser valve is used. Why is it called 30cc hot-melt dispenser valve? It mainly depends on the storage capacity. It can store 30ml hot-melt glue water. For manufacturer-made branch glue, the glue-applying capacity is not very large. It will choose the method of dispensing syringe. There are also 300ml and 5L hot-melt dispenser valves to see which specifications your company needs.
  The retail price of 30CC hot melt dispensing valve is 690 yuan, including tax: 779 yuan, wholesale price is 550 yuan, including tax price: 621 yuan, starting from 10 batches, the larger the wholesale volume, the cheaper the price, the price gradient is different. Because the cost of mass production is relatively low, the price is also quite low. Now the production costs are mainly in labor, and in recent years the cost of materials has also increased a lot.There are also some price fluctuations, but they are not very large. It is also acceptable to compress your profits.
  Hot-melt glue dispensing valves can be wrapped in a glue-dispensing syringe, which can be heated with a full support of the glue-dispensing syringe for better results, with a maximum temperature of 220°,The controller uses a temperature controller made in Japan, which has stable heating and thermostatic effect. It can also maintain stability without gel dispensing for a period of time. The dispensing task can be carried out immediately with guaranteed effect.

  Preparation of hot melt point valve

  Made of aluminium alloy and high temperature resistant materials, conducting to the aluminium unit through resistance heating, is to place hot spots in multiple locations, ensure heating speed, and at the same time let the needle barrel heat evenly. It is reasonable to solve the glue heating problem in design. It is related to long-term research and development of our project.The inside and outside are packed with aluminum shells, which also have the function of keeping warm.
  The price of hot melt dispenser is also transparent. You need dispensing accessories. We have them all!Is a specialized manufacturer of dispensing equipment and accessories, the general use of accessories are sold at reasonable prices, some requirements can be made us, at present dispensing machines and dispensing valves are mainly available, can be given at wholesale prices.

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